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Orange, Warm and Luminous

plate 21a
Plate 21a. Composition with Orange as Dominant Color
1. Tulip General deWet 7. Tritoma Summer Sunshine
2. Myosotis alpestris 8. Calendula Orange King
3. Iberis sempervirens 9. Phlox Von Lassburg
4. Ageratum Blue Perfection  10. Salvia farinacea
5. Delphinium hybrids 11. Mangolds
6. Lilium testaceum  

Orange imparts even more brilliance and warmth to borders than red and closely related scarlet. Orange is one of the vital hues. With darker colors it is at its best, especially with deep reds, browns, and bronzes. Its true compliment is turquoise blue, but since orange varies from yellow toward scarlet, both blue-greens and true blues are also complimentary. In purple it finds its split compliment with bright, green foliage. Often orange can be used more effectively in combinations than bright yellow, for orange has greater depth and luminosity. (Plate 21a.)

plate 21b
Plate 21b. An Autumn Composition with Orange Predominant
1. Aster Blue Gown 5. Salvia farinacea
2. Helenium Chippersfield Orange  6. Chrysanthemum Chiang Kai-shek
3. Chrysanthemum Oriental Glow 7. Aster Pacific Horizon
4. Chrysanthemum Carnival  


Tawny orange and browns should be used with each other, or with yellow or white. Failure to observe this is one of the reasons some daylilies are not more attractive in border plantings.

Blue is bad with bronze tones.

Creamy orange is good with clear blue. Examples: Hemerocallis Hyperion with Aconitum napellus, Delphinium and Aurelian hybrid lilies.

Pure orange is good with gray-blue, creamy white, or yellow. Never with scarlet. Correct in the spectrum, this is too "loud" a combination for the garden. Example of the first combination: ageratum and calendulas.

Pure orange and flame-orange. Example: Torchlilies and marigolds. (Plate 21b.)




Cheiranthus (see Erysimum)
Erysimum asperum
Geum Princess Juliana
Papaver nudicaule
Primula veris
Trollius europaeus Orange Globe
Viola Apricot


Iris germanica May Day
Prince Orange



Asclepias tuberosa
Helenium hoopsi
Heliopsis helianthoides Pitcher
Hemerocallis Mikado
Mrs. A. H. Austin
Kniphofia Orange Beauty
Montbretia (see Tritonia)
Papaver orientale Gold of Ophir
Mrs. Perry
Orange Perfection
Rudbeckia hirta hybrids
Tritonia (aurantiaca) Orange


Lilium hansoni
tigrinum splendens
umbellatum grandiflorum
hybrid Bonanza



Chrysanthemum Tints of Fall (cushion type)


Chrysanthemum Carnival
Dean Ladd
My Lady
Orange Glow
Oriental Gold


Helenium Chippersfield Orange


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