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Nature puts so much variety into her reality that she is more beautiful than we can imagine by sheer force of quantity! Ten days for an artist in a mountain valley will give him ten views from the same point which will be entirely different each day.

— F. Schuyler Mathews.

Gettiamo un rapido sguardo sul vasto imperio delle arti, osserviamo per poco le produzioni di ciascuna, e resteremo convitti che, nulla e bello alla ragione se non le si presenta con parti varie, e queste riunite in un principo comune.

— F. Cartolano,

Thus far we have been treating of unity, and pointing out those particular elements which are usually harmonious when brought together. Unity must always be placed first, as the most important quality; for sometimes unity alone will make a small composition agreeable. Still, if unity means uniformity, sameness, the eye soon tires of it. But unity does not demand sameness. There may be unity with variety. The two are not really opposed to each other, though either one would be easier to accomplish could the other be disregarded. Perfect unity with satisfying variety need not be even a compromise; but both tests must always be applied by the gardener. It is helpful to the landscape composer to remember that variety is possible in surface, form, materials, color, texture, season, composition and position.


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