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Welcome to Landscape Guide, your resource for artistic landscape and garden design.

If you are a gardener, the Garden Design Guide will get you started. If landscaping or gardening in the large extent is your interest, the Landscape Design Guide is the place to look for advanced tips, tricks and good practice techniques.

The word “design” is commonly used in two different ways. We may say “design and construction” when we mean to differentiate the decision as to what is to be done, and the record of this decision, from the actual doing of the work. We say “good practically but bad in design” when we mean, for instance, that a building serves its purpose as a shelter, but does not serve its purpose of giving visual pleasure. On our website, we will use the word “design” as meaning the art or act of determining the character of an object so that it shall serve any predetermined purpose or purposes. For example, the term “landscape design” will be used simply as meaning design in landscape materials.

Landscape architecture and garden design are similar arts with a shared and ancient background. Indeed, the name “landscape architecture” was invented by the Scotsman Gilbert Laing Meason in 1828. Although, landscape architecture tends to be concerned with spaces of the large extent, often with public goods and public space, it uses the artistic skill of garden designers.

Since gardens and landscape are related disciplines, you will find that links on the website take you back and forth between landscape design and garden design. Landscape architects share with garden designers an interest in the planning and design of outdoor space.

  • Garden Design Guide – Harmonious colors and sound design differentiate successful gardens from ordinary ones. Here we discuss the various problems of color, succession of bloom, and garden design.
  • Landscape Design Guide – It is conceived that unity, variety, character, propriety and finish are the fundamental characteristics of any landscape, — that these qualities are ultimate and coordinate, though by no means equally important. Each work of landscape design is to be tested separately for each of these qualities.
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